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Fall in love with our valley

Visit our winery and immerse yourself in the heart of Nova Scotia’s wine country. The Gaspereau, a small river valley in the cradle of the larger Annapolis Valley, is the core of the Nova Scotia wine industry, and home to Gaspereau Vineyards.

The Annapolis Valley, which runs parallel to the Bay of Fundy coastline is protected by two mountain ranges, to the North and South, and Gaspereau Vineyards finds itself on the south facing slope of that South mountain, protected from the coolness and wind.

This lively agricultural area is sheltered by the valley from cool fogs that roll in off the Bay of Fundy’s deep, shellfish-rich, waters. Fruit orchards, corn fields, cheese makers, produce stands and wineries are over the slope of each rolling hill. 

By celebrating these rare geographical phenomenons our winemakers create exceptional wines that reflect the romance, flavour and colour of this beautiful region.

Located just 3 kilometres from downtown Wolfville, you’ll discover a wealth to see and do at our winery and in the surrounding area. Make your visit a meaningful memory with travel packages and an array of accommodations nearby.

Dogs of all breeds are welcome at our vineyard and Seagrape Cafe patio, however, (with the exception of Service Dogs), they may not enter the winery retail store.  Please let our staff know if you have your dog with you when you arrive at our vineyard and we will ensure they have a fresh bowl of water and a shady spot to relax while you enjoy your visit.