Our History

Our History

The heart of our winemaking is in our roots

The winemaker at Gaspereau Vineyards, Nova Scotia-born Gina Haverstock, is a true wine artisan and prides herself in minimal intervention. She has been creating award winning wines since 2007.

The vast majority of grapes on our site are hand-harvested for the production of traditional-method sparkling wines, whites, reds and the Rieslings for which we are best known. With minimal intervention winemaking we create wines that reflect the quality of the land, the long summer days and the longest growing season in the province. Our catalogue of artfully made wines, including a handful of single vineyard selections, are appreciated among the most discerning of palates, because quality always trumps quantity.

The Jost family planted our first vines in 1997. In 2012, Carl and Donna Sparkes became the proud new owners of Gaspereau Vineyards bringing with them a commitment to viticulture, scientific analysis of soil types, and new plantings. As part of Devonian Coast Wineries, an additional 14 acres of vines were planted on site in the spring of 2014, bringing the total to 50 acres for the vineyard. The site is performing extremely well and the extra plantings will increase the output to meet higher demands for our premium wines.

Our varietals include: L’Acadie, Lucie Kuhlmann, New York Muscat, Marquette, Seyval Blanc, Riesling, Vidal, and Petite Milo.

We are focused on elevating Nova Scotia’s expanding and maturing wine industry to be among the world’s best through innovative use of local resources, pride in rural enterprise, continued investment in the future of the wine industry and, always, a commitment to creating wonderful wines.