The Wine Lifestyle - Gaspereau Vineyards Lucie Kuhlmann

Published: Thursday, August 18, 2016

By: Atima Kamra

Deep ruby red to the eye, Gaspereau Vineyards Lucie Kuhlmann shows its rich structure before your first sip. Fruit characteristics of cranberry and cherry are accompanied by vanilla and cedar flavours contributed by the gentle use of Hungarian and French oak.

This beautiful wine is a phenomenal representation of what Nova Scotia’s capabilities are in terms of quality red wine. Traditionally the wines of this region are more acid based with virtually no tannin presence. This is where Gaspereau Lucie Kuhlmann separates itself from many others. The proper use of oak in the aging process has given this wine a subtle tannic backbone that compliments the acid aspect and creates a dynamic structure without overpowering the wine, which is difficult to achieve.

Such wines are perfect to enjoy with powerful proteins such as beef and lamb. Head to Bâton Rouge Restaurant in the heart of downtown Halifax to experience a big wine meeting an equally powerful dish in their signature BBQ ribs. The slightly sweet and spicy nature of the sauce combined with the meaty ribs is complimented by the fruit and tannic nature of this wine and helps wash down these tasty treats with ease. This is a perfect example of how the North and South can work together and find a pleasurable combination that works .... Cheers!