The Wine Lifestyle - Gaspereau Tidal Bay

Published: Thursday, September 22, 2016

By: Atima Kamra

This week is an exciting one for the wine community in Halifax, as the annual Festival of Wines (formerly Port of Wines) week is in full swing. Events run throughout the week culminating in the sampling-packed Grand Tastings events at the Cunard Center this Friday and Saturday. With so many vendors to visit and sip from, it’s hard to know where to start or what to try in the short 3-hour span. Well, why not start in your own region before you embark on the rest of the world? Nova Scotian wines are well represented at this show, especially the signature appellation Tidal Bay. 

Although all Tidal Bays have their own identity, those of you who enjoy wines of presence and vibrancy must visit the Devonian Coast Wineries table (#51) and relish their Gaspereau Vineyards Tidal Bay. You will sense many aromas in this wine, including orange marmalade and baked peach cobbler. On the palate it is filled with juicy apple and citrus flavours, and is nicely followed by a refreshing acid finish, so the fruit and zesty elements are in textbook harmony.

For a triple treat, also sample the other two Devonian Coast Tidal Bay wines at this table—Mercator and Jost Vineyards. By having a taste of all three wines at one sitting, you can easily see how diverse they can be even though geographically their growing regions are relatively close in proximity. Most will find the Mercator the lightest of the three, with a more sleek profile showcasing grapefruit and ginger notes, while the Jost rendition bestows pineapple and lime components, but still allows a hint of lychee to shine through. Sampling all three of these Tidal Bays is the perfect way to experience firsthand how grape selection and the winemakers’ methods during production ultimately determine the beauty in any bottle—and the perfect chance for you to decide which is best … for you. Cheers!