The Wine Lifestyle 2017- Gaspereau Vineyards Lucie Kuhlmann

Published: Friday, July 7, 2017

By: Atima Kamra

Poured into a glass, the first thing that captures your eye is the sheer depth of the colour. With a hint of purple lurking in the background, this deep ruby red wine appears to be massive in structure. However, once you've had an opportunity to taste it you might be surprised by the elegance of Gaspereau Vineyards Lucie Kuhlmann. Notes of cranberry and tart cherry mingle with mild spicy flavours, creating an experience of energy and verve. The mild tannins are quite subtle and fine, while the pronounced acidity dances on the palate. 

A French-American hybrid well suited for our cool climate viticulture, Lucie Kuhlmann is one of Nova Soctia’s most successful wine grapes. Gaspereau Vineyards representation of the varietal with its iconic kiss emblazoned label is the de facto choice of many Nova Scotia wine lovers. 

So, what are some circumstances where this wine can show off its flair? The lower ABV (alcohol by volume) and medium body make this a fantastic summer wine to enjoy on its own—sip it outside on a warm summer day and you'll see what I mean. The core of acidity also makes this a great wine to pair with (drumroll) ribs! Yes, ribs are traditionally thought of as large, succulent and powerfully meaty, but the flavours can actually be quite delicate. Heavy wines can mask that delicious slow-cooked flavour, so a wine with fruit flavours and moderate tannins will bring out the best in this dish. 

If you’ve ever had a chance to try the succulent BBQ Ribs at Bâton Rouge Restaurant in downtown Halifax, you'll understand what a perfect marriage this is. With the combination of sweet and spicy flavours in their signature sauce, this specialty has all of the right elements to partner with Gaspereau Lucie Kuhlmann. The synergy between this wine and the rib sauce will give you a tasty glimpse into the pairing potential that exists and maybe even inspire you to create your own "Love Lucie" pairing

The Batôn Rouge signature sauce is a proprietary blend of ingredients so the recipe is top secret, but below is another easy rib recipe that you can try at home to pair with Lucie Kuhlmann ... Cheers!