The Wine Lifestyle 2017 - Gaspereau Tidal Bay

Published: Thursday, June 22, 2017

By: Atima Kamra

Tidal Bay is a white wine category that is gaining speed in popularity these days, each year producing wines of better quality and character than the previous vintage. After all, being Nova Scotia’s signature appellation wine, it is the flagship of most wineries and speaks to the terroir of this region and pays tribute to what it does best. 

So, if Tidal Bay represents a blend of the varietals that perform best in this region, and Gaspereau Vineyards' signature Tidal Bay blend was recently recognized at the Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards as the Best in Class in the Tidal Bay category, it’s pretty safe to assume that it’s a fantastic Tidal Bay. But it’s not until you’ve experienced this wine that you can truly see why! 

Reflective and bright with a slight green and copper hue, Gaspereau Vineyards Tidal Bay will enchant you with its striking floral bouquet. This is not an introverted wine by any means, showcasing an array of exotic aromas and flavours including apricots, rose petals, and lychee fruit. The composition of the four varietals Seyval, Vidal, NY Muscat and Ortega contribute individually to create a diverse profile. Remarkable flavours with a touch of sweetness, acidity, and minerality allow it to work well with local cuisine. 

What kind of dish can hold up to this award winning white wine? Bistro le Coq, in downtown Halifax, whips up some of the best traditional French fare in town and has just the right dish to pair with this beautiful wine. The ever so popular Salade Nicoise combines elements in the dish that makes it a slam-dunk paring for Gaspereau Tidal Bay. Fresh herbal greens, salty black olives, and tangy red onions are just a few components of the salad that make it work so well with this Tidal Bay. Both the food and wine play off each other, making them delightful as a duo, though both can stand on their own.

There is no doubt that Nova Scotia’s Tidal Bay appellation is becoming more recognized and celebrated across the country. Gaspereau Vineyards is at the forefront of this genre and has so much to offer any kitchen table menu. It possesses all the qualities to pair with not only the great dish at Bistro le Coq, but undoubtedly also at one of your next home cooked meals…Cheers!