The Wine Lifestyle 2017 - Gaspereau Lucie K Rosé

Published: Friday, June 16, 2017

By: Atima Kamra

Now that Rosé season is in full swing, it’s a perfect time to showcase a rosé that packs a punch. Standing out from its peers with its bold crimson color, Gaspereau Vineyards Lucie K Rosé is robust, off-dry and stands on its own two feet - usually in heels!

Rosé wine can be made in a multitude of ways. The variables that affect the colour and flavour include: the types of grapes used, the maturity of the grapes at harvest, the length of time there is contact between grape juice and skins, and the temperature during fermentation. To add to the range in variety, rosé wines are presented in an array of bottle shapes and sizes. So, how do you know which to buy?

In my opinion, rosé wine is one of the hardest wines to navigate and make, so, I suggest sticking with a reputable winery. When it comes to Nova Scotia wines, I can easily recommend Gaspereau Vineyards skillfully made and respected wines.

Lucie K Rosé is a unique wine made from a blend of predominantly (you guessed it!) Lucie Kuhlmann grapes with a splash of Marquette and Triomphe D’Alsace adding more complexity and structure. As the eye will inform you, this wine is bold for a rosé and showcases notes of strawberry jam and sun-kissed red cherries on the palate. The varietals themselves are quite pigmented which translates into the vibrant color. Our Maritime climate allows our grapes to retain a respectable amount of juicy acidity, a very mild tannin structure, and a touch of sweetness, all of which can be experienced in this wine.

Lucie K Rosé can be used for a host of different functions and fares and Niche Lounge in downtown Halifax has created a pairing that showcases how diverse this wine really is. Take a stroll down Barrington Street and visit Niche to enjoy their Thai Chicken Salad paired with Lucie K Rosé. You’ll notice how the marriage of greens, beets, and panko crusted chicken topped with their homemade sweet and spicy Thai dressing plays very well with the fruit elements of the rosé. The sweetness levels of both keep it light and interesting.  

With Father’s Day approaching, the first day of summer just around the corner and the sun giving us some much needed attention, finding a reason to enjoy Gaspereau Vineyards Lucie K Rosé becomes an easy task… and I hope you enjoy it in health and happiness…cheers!