LÜVO Raspberry Lemonade Wine Spritzer 250ml can

LÜVO Raspberry Lemonade has a bouquet of fresh raspberry and classic lemon aromatics. Piquette wines, classically-fermented white wine and a burst of real fruit are combined to create this low alcohol, low sugar, thirst-quenching wine spritzer.

  • LÜVO Life Co.
  • sparkling
  • Nova Scotia
  • 250 mL
  • 7% Alc./Vol.
  • $5.99


Nothing says summer in Nova Scotia like lemonade and raspberries so combining the two flavours was an easy decision. Big aromatics of red raspberry with equally big notes of lemon burst out of the can and into your nose on this fruit, wine and Piquette fusion Spritzer.


Raspberry and lemon carry into the palate accompanied by a refreshing and effervescent bubble that is surprisingly mellow and approachable. LÜVO Raspberry Lemonade Spritzer is the ideal combination of piquette, classically-fermented white wine and a fusion of berry and citrus fruit flavours.


Enjoy this Spritzer where the sun shines and the salty breezes blow onshore (if you can’t be in either place, you can close your eyes and let the wine take you there). Otherwise, this wine pairs well with salads garnished with fresh berries and dressed with zesty vinagerettes, Mediterranean dishes with a squeeze of fresh lemon, and various fresh cheeses.


Piquette is made from the fresh grape pomace (skins and seeds) that remains after pressing out the juice for classically fermented white and Rosé wines. There are still heaps of aromatics and some juice remaining in the pomace, so it can be used to make piquette. Both of our LÜVO Piquettes are made from piquette combined with classically-fermented white wine and an extra fruity splash to create refreshing spritzers. This wine spritzer is an effervescent, fruit fusion that combines light and approachable Piquettes and classically-fermented wines with splashes of natural fruit and natural flavours.
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