Jost L'Acadie Chardonnay 750mL

Jost L'Acadie Chardonnay


Like a bite of a cool crisp apple, lush and balanced. Alongside lobster, mussels or roast chicken, its spirit shines. A fun sidekick for a night out or quiet companion at home.

  • Jost Vineyards
  • White
  • Nova Scotia
  • 750 mL
  • 12% Alc./Vol.
  • $17.19


The nose is fun and flirtatious, teeming with honeydew melon, ripe pear, green apple and gooseberry, freshened with crisp aromas of grapefruit, pineapple and lemon. A caress of French oak adds depth with nuances of spice, honey and vanilla.


Lush and full-bodied, this wine embraces the palate with fresh aromas of pear, apple and a bouquet of citrus fruit, all perfectly coupled with deeper, richer notes of butterscotch, honeycomb gliding on top of vanilla and smoke.


A well-balanced wine with beautiful oak integration. Crisp and interesting, pairs well with BBQ lobster tail, fresh Atlantic mussels, herb encrusted roast chicken, assorted cheeses, & crab and lobster salad with shredded pear.


L’Acadie Blanc, Chardonnay
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