Gaspereau 2020 Rosé 750mL

Gaspereau 2020 Rosé

Rosés are ideal wines that fill the food pairing gap for those dishes that require a light, refreshing body, a little tannin and berry fruit aromas. Some of our favourite food pairings with our Gaspereau Rosé include roast chicken or turkey, planked salmon, sushi and BBqued sausages. Because rosé is made by using the juice of red grape varieties and fermenting it like a white wine, rosé is the perfect wine to balance between red and white.

  • Gaspereau Vineyards
  • Rosé
  • Nova Scotia
  • 750 mL
  • 11% Alc./Vol.
  • $19.99


Bursting with aromas of wild strawberry and tropical undertones of papaya, our 2019 Rosé has a fresh and lively nose with a reflective and delicate pale pink color.


Bright and refreshing on the palate, delicate notes of lemon and fresh strawberries combine with an elegant structure to balance out the mouth feel and finish of this off-dry, food friendly wine.


Frontenac Blanc, Seyval, Lucie Kuhlmann Rosé, Marquette Rosé, Leon Millot Rosé


Gold - 2014 All Canadian Wine Championships
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